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Ciro Berenguer A beautiful conceptual album. A good balance between traditional and experimental and really well recorded. Francesca's voice is haunting :) Favorite track: Sylph & Salamander.
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"'the music of what happens'..... Uninterrupted, perpetual, music that takes in water, wind and kitchen things, the unstructured symphony of a day, or a night, in the world.
Francesca Baines' sensitive, versatile delivery, combines with ingenious instrumentation - banjo, dulcimer, lampshade, sifting pan, matches and teacups, 'prepared piano' (Cage's invention), 'whispering forests' and harbour sounds - to give us back the world in heightened resolution.
There is the drama of her light voice wrestling with raw material, her lyrical scenarios, her wandering mysterious rhythms, sometimes abrupt and unexpected, with their "exotic" folk components - faint ghosts of gamelan and ravanhata.
The voice is remarkable for its emotional force and expressive range, from dark growl to boisterous. A thinking, innovative chanteuse, she has something of Joni Mitchell, something of Bjork. The Baines sound is a spirited and spiritual intervention in the world-music it celebrates."

Derek Mahon

"An exciting mix of modal harmonies, complex rhythms and earthy world music instrumentation, Vela is a treasure chest of myths, stories and observations that are dense in material, leavened with humour, and reward close attention."
Nicki Ffrench Davis, Irish Examiner


released October 21, 2012


all rights reserved



Francesca Baines Cork, Ireland

"A spirited and spiritual intervention in the world-music it celebrates.”

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Track Name: Waterfall
The river waters were born
To fall from a great height
Arc white lightening storm
To a mist of a thousand lights

Force and flow carve the stone
To deep and a dark pool
Under there's a cavern
Where the thunder and the throbbing
Spin the water to a silent silver spool

Where we lay

Our bodies soft as the earth
Our nerves the alive roots
Channelling the stream of love
The cascading dream above
Tenderly emerging leafing shoots

We arise to the open
Up where the rocks stand tall
To the roaring power of surrender
Of our waterfall

Sheng shui

We climb up the current
Follow the curving course
By a guiding hand
The contour of the land
Seeking the source

When the heavens they open
Alighting little spheres upon our skin
Cloud to rain to aquifer
Spring to ocean
The water of life within

Sheng shui
Track Name: Checkout
On that track
Off the rail
Is this the place to be?
From the rack
Closing sale
Seems like hell to me

"Welcome to our paradi$e
A competitive price for the piece"
"You better shift behind the trespasser sign
Before you get a little bit illegitimate"
"Your hologram Ma'am!
Get your barcode a-ready
For scanning you through the screen"
"Its for your protection
Vaccinate in case infection
Chlorinate your feet"

"Animal vegetable mineral
For your convenience we'll prepack it
Ready to eat
"Stabalised, fortified"
"Its the freshest you'll get in polythene
Disclaimer print:
Don't get plastic stuck in your teeth"
"Bon Appetit"

Will we find all is light?

"We guarantee no wrinkles
With just one little sprinkle
of Detox Botoxin Beat the Clock"
"Unique Formula"
"From our labatory rat race
Of polyester pacing fluorescent faces
"Hurry here before we're out of stock"
"'Cause you'll be chemical cool
A poised pandemic in our gene pool
X factor contracted"
"Pop Idol
Textvote a fanatical faketan revival"
"You'll be on the TV
Racy as retolin, ADD
An ad pollutant for our new perfume:
Summer in the City"

"You can sign your name right here
By the best before date"

Will we find all is light?

When my end comes
My knees buckle on the street
Paint my cheeks and
Cover my bones up in concrete
'Cause later I'll be an archeological find
From the disposal period
That wasted time

By elevator, escalator
When you get to the final stop
And they say to you
"where did you go?"
Well I missed my connection
On high speed confection
Distracted by travelling in style
I was dazzled by the act
Where I was at, to be exact,
I don't know

Looking at mannequins
The world their living in
Staring out through glass
At the world that I am living in
Looking at mannequins
Staring at the ceiling
Looking at the glass
That I am appearing in

Will we find?

All is light
Track Name: Merlin & the Fox
He dwells in the forest with the sleeping owl
The infants of his oak crack on the ground
The distant cry of a horn turns to a nearing howl
Approaching are the huntsmen and their hounds

The fox I feel him falter, wild-eyed and panting fast
Together we'll be surefooted let us be calm
And turn our gaze to the grandfather trees that open out their boughs
To the outlaws, to the travelers seeking alms

Vivienne! You were sly as he was wild
Broceliande bore this child

My path it strays in the maze to the line of men holding their guns
I fight my flighting urge to turn and run
And offer them my heart 'though their foe is more my friend
We greet each other in a foreign tongue

Cloak him in the scent of heather and the stirring leaves
Soothe his shaking body still as stone
Shroud his beating heart in the lichen and the moss
'Till fur and the forest become one

Vivienne! You were sly as he was wild
Broceliande bore this child

And Merlin you were near as the shots ran out so clear
As I held a glowing acorn in my hand
Like a bullet how it shone, like the eyes of your feathered one
That left a tawny token where I did stand

Vivienne! You were sly as he was wild
Broceliande bore this child

Restez toujour un âme sauvage
Ne les laissez pas vous apprivoiser
Track Name: Swan
I told her the ship on the ocean
I told her what man could do
I told her how he stole her rudder
And overboarded her crew

I told her the ship he was Vela
The star that she sailed he blew
I told her how he slept on the waves that she webbed
By the tender pull of her moon

the swan he sang on my naked neck

I told her the ship he did sieze her
For carrying him at her prow
For casting adrift rope and anchor
And stowing his freight in her bow

I told her the ship he forgave her
For leaving her net on his shore
He's traveling her silver waters
And capsizing in her soul

the swan he sang on my naked neck
Track Name: Uli Alto
With the wild light of love in my eyes
And a taste for daring him to know
I had to abandoned my car in a ditch
and with a blanket, a bottle and a banjo

I climbed up the tyre-tearing tracks
My thirst like the sweat on my brow
Grinning haplessly in solitude and scenery
Untill the sun fell down

Guided by love with no direction
When night crept in my heart began to drop
By daylight I couldn't see the men for trees but
When darkness came their camps were lighting up

Many wrong turns make a right

And Dylan, you were jumping with the fire light
Your shadow hopping in and out of the night
To the music swinging 'round Uli Alto

An early rise for firewood felling
Yawning mist around the coffee cups
Chainsawing, car stereo yelling
At dusk we loaded up

I threw a log right over the truck
Nearly knocked a handsome spaniard right out
He said "She's dangerous the blond one"
Well I'm stronger than I thought

And with you I'm so glad
To find and lose you
Now I understand
That I will travel lone and far
To follow and befriend
The reasoning of my heart

Audré you rigged the trapeze
On the roof of your old caravan
We clambered on the logs to see
Your costume glaring brighter than sun

Spots, polka dots and frilly knickers
Lipstick striping further than your grin
Poof in a cloud, a cheap choke of hairspray
In a clowning cough you begin

To glide like a child, queen of the playground
Tumbling ties in terrifying knots
'Till you got tangled Boris had to save you
From strangling death as part of the act

Later we were dancing under disco balls
That creaked as the generator powered them on
With laughter crackling out on Uli Alto

Fig leaves falling I'm in a paradise
Naked as the day I was born
Sitting in my soft guitar case
To stop the thistles prickling my bum

I sang of love unrequited
To the yawning sun as he began to sink
Accompanied by the clinkling of the cowbells
Till that righteous wretched shepherd brought them in

I know the way by dark now

To Anna, you were playing by the fireside
the light of stars were dancing in your eyes
The moon was swinging 'round Uli Alto
Track Name: Fools Gold
I've been living out of my skin lately
Boned dry, paper thin
I feel tough as rope on an old tree
Stretched by a once loved swing

I passed through these parched lands a pilgrim
Wagoning through wilderness for wealth
By the mud-cracking whip of a cruel sun
I bargained my spirit for its pelt

I've come to this ragged creek a week long
Searching with my sifting pan
Urging for more than the silver minnows
To be glinting in the silting sand

Oh this quest is fickle, I'm wading through the water
For a nugget not a nickle, someone to wade in too
But the joke is old 'cause this fools gold don't sparkle like it oughta
Tell me that love is true

My thoughts hit the ground like dust on a dim day
Like they're settling their debts with the floor
Well it may be clouds of madness or it may be clouds of sadness
Why they kick up with the boot heels in the brawls

'Cause many things are made of tin now
My trivet and my billy can
But its rarity that maketh a finer mineral
And taketh a pioneering man

Oh I've chased and gambled with my goldrush rambles
I've worked my weight in sweat I tell you this
There's many a road to travel and trail to unravel
But there's no such thing as get rich quick

Oh this quest is fickle, I'm wading through the water
For a nugget not a nickle, someone to wade in too
But the joke is old 'cause this fools gold don't sparkle like it oughta
Tell me that love is true

'Cause I feel tough as rope on an old tree
Stretched by a once loved swing
Just throw me a ride that is easy
'Cause I'm done with that goldrush thing
Track Name: Sylph & Salamander
The first time you blew across my neck
Your shudders flew through me
And from a flickering light
A bright fire grew in me

I shiver a dance with your breath

However cooling your breeze
You aliven the blaze, within me
No ember lies asleep

With every flutter of air, Zephyr,
You raise a flare radiant and wild
And I go climbing like a child
Will I die back down?

I am burning by you

I'm rising, a crackling heat
Is roaring in your sigh, so sweet
sparks bluster glowing a gust turning us
spiralling soaring into a gale-force

Could you howl in a tempest to blow me out,
To quell the tongues of my hungry heart?
Because I am searing ascending desire
And its you who ignited this pyre
from a spark
I am burning by you

Wind and Fire
A Salamander and a Sylph
Track Name: Daphne & Apollo
"Crown me in your leaves
Wreath your body around
The forehead of my grief
So the wind moves your fingers of bay
Across my brow
To soothsay our sorrow I'll play
A lyre from your bough
And you will sing sweet to me
Of quivers their arrows
The lead to gold alchemy
Of the shivering darts
From the flickering bow of Eros

One serpent slain cocky I came
To love in child-soft play
In toys of war he was medalling
And I the warrior was game
And oh for the mocking of him
The greater fool was I
The greater snake was him that day
When Daphne I did spy....

A creature firm as wood
Her eyes as soft as a fawn
If wildness is her sport
Her life hood is my porn
When I watch her sprint
I want to suck the soles of her feet
I want to feast my senses on
The nymph she is my meat

I can match your stride
You won't make it
I want you're hide
You can fake it
I am the god of the Sun
I speak the oracle
And you can be my hight priestess
Girl you can be my miracle"

And she flees through the forest
Un-teasing from the briars who bare her buttocks
To spur him on
He follows fast and curious
Grasping furiously
For a beauty so free it can never be won

She feels his breath upon her neck
He can almost taste her hair
She cries to her father a river
"Is there something in me left to spare?"

"He rooted me in the ground
In bark my wandering limbs are bound
My sinew the lignin
The rising sap my blood
My thirst is a searching
Lips writhing through the mud
And oh I feel fragile
For my lungs they pant from every branch
I shake in my trunk so still
For my heartwood knows
How we shrink and we grow from Eros

Apollo he kneels before me
As I in new skin am born
He reaches up to cut a piece
From my now rigid form
For those who rest on my laurels
With such tragic irony
That I should mark the champions
The Caesars and their chiefs
For the chase...."

Love is not a prize
Track Name: Gift
I give you my heart
I give you my soul
I give you it in part
I give you it whole

I give you my thought
I give you my word
I give you my truth
I give you my sword

My gift to you today
Is tearing myself away
To love and to dare
To love and adore
To love and to bare
To love and be sure
To love and give much more

I give it to you clearly
I give it to you pure
I give it to you unrefined
I give it to you raw

I give it to you with a crooked eye
I give it to you with a stare
I give it to you when I try to find you
And you're not there

My gift to you today
Is tearing myself away
To love and to dare
To love and adore
To love and to bare
To love and be sure
To love and give much more

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